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Annamarie Carlson

Annamarie Carlson is a Ph.D. student, instructor, writer, podcaster, and voice actor currently based in Indiana. Annamarie’s scholarly interests can usually be found at the blurry intersection of narrative, culture, and media, all broadly conceived. To put it another way, they are fascinated by the interplay of the stories we tell, the technologies used to tell them, and the relationship of stories and technologies with whatever it is we mean when we say “culture”. They have a creative as well as an academic interest in podcasting, audio fiction, and video games.

Annamarie holds a BA in English (with Literature and Creative Writing certificates), a BA in Theatre (with an emphasis in performance), and an MA in English Literature. They are currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Rhetoric. 


Annamarie has a number of creative projects in progress, including a revamping of their science-fiction audio fiction podcast Evergreen Sky.   

As an educator, Annamarie has taught various iterations of composition, literature, and ESL/EFL courses. They have also given talks/community classes on podcasting (with a focus on podcasting basics) and creative writing. They have also been interviewed on their experience as an intersex person. 


If you are interested in having Annamarie speak on your podcast or learning more about their work, please reach out on social media or use the contact form on this website. 

Full resume and CV available upon request.   

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