Annamarie L Carlson

Academic, Writer, Podcaster

Annamarie Carlson is an aspiring academic, freelance writer, podcaster, and voice actor. They have recently graduated with an MA in English Literature and are working on growing their portfolio and furthering their research in anticipation of applying for PhD programs this fall. 

Annamarie is interested in the relationship between storytelling, culture making, and mediation. Podcasting in particular, it seems to them, taps into this relationship in interesting and meaningful ways. 

With a background in theatre, music, TEFL, and literature, Annamarie can bring their varied experience to any number of projects. Annamarie is currently looking for freelance writing work as well as opportunities in podcasting or other fields.  


Evergreen sky

Evergreen Sky is an indie sci-fi audio drama created by Annamarie Carlson. Released monthly, Evergreen Sky tells the story of Alex, a GreenCom employee who finds themself in a fight against the company who has controlled everything for as long as they remember. Available from a podcatcher near you. 

Evergreen Sky regularly charts in the top 100 on the Apple Podcast Sci-Fi chart in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.  

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